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We are a boutique Management Consultancy specialized in Strategic Business and Brand Development

Our work is based on deeply rooted cultural, sociological, and psychological Insights

We are based in Mexico City and Copenhagen

Since the foundation of NCBD in 2014, we have advised a variety of industries, e.g. Real Estate Development (residential, retail, mixed use), Hotels, Jewellery, Liquor, Finance, Sports, and Entertainment.

What we do

We advise top-management and owners of leading companies, serve as members of advisory boards, and further assist investment banks in acquisitions.
By in-depth interviews analyzing why target groups make decisions and how our clients can to tap into these, we ask:
  • Why do employees choose to work for the company?
  • Why do target groups engage with products and brands or why not?
  • Why do they recommend the brand?
  • Why would a new product have appeal?
  • Why do consumers and media like or ignore the company and its brands?
We have developed strategies rooted in insights to:
  • Build brands
  • Develop new products
  • Create company culture to retain and attract talent
  • Crystallize communication and sharpen core proposition
  • Activate media to aid the core stories
  • Align brand architecture and optimize corporate structure
  • Designate acquisition targets with unrealized brand potentials
  • Evaluate potential brand equity in due diligence
  • Strengthen investment thesis
Our way of thinking


Initially, target groups are not that interested in what a company or a product offers.

Most care about own lives and how choices and consumption strengthen character, other people’s opinion, maybe also creating profit and being more interesting than peers; a perceived identity and freedom.

However, often deep inside is a want to feel recognized, desired, and accepted for just being oneself; intuitively an ever-going journey toward meaning and the sense of fulfillment.

Creating meaningful connection requires Insights into these perceptions, motivations, and behaviors.

Integrating this understanding into Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Brand Experience supports brand and product appeal & relevance, in both the long and short term.

NCBD Insights are generated through in-depth interviews with intend audience and crystallizes meaningful connection to the right target groups – aiding to increase revenue and Brand Equity.

Our way of thinking


To have a strong strategy, the company & brand must be distilled into one clear essence that ensures unity by:

  • Establishing the same point of departure for all internal and external communication; supporting the company and brand creation of meaning in intend audience lives.
  • Aligning all current and future product offerings to aid choice, amplify appeal & relevance, and grow business and brand without diluting core equity.
  • Facilitating all tactical branding efforts are reinforcing the desired business and brand objectives.

One clear essence crystallizes the right Business & Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, and Brand Experience – and aids to increase revenue and Brand Equity.


Peter J. Haugstrup

Founding Partner and Head of Strategy

Peter J. Haugstrup began his career at the Strategic Planning Unit of the Secretary-General of the United Nations being an essential part of writing the first Millennium Report in 1999/2000 setting the goals for the next 30 years of the UN, also serving as a Speech Writer for the Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

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Following, he served as an Associate Professor in International Law at the University of Copenhagen, where he created and taught the Master course International Law from a European Perspective to primarily IVY League students. At the same time, advising on international matters of corporate law as an Associate of the then Sand & Partnere Law Firm.

Thereafter, Peter J. Haugstrup co-founded the Strategic Advisory firm ImagineWhen AG in Switzerland consulting start ups globally on venture capital, business development, and brand development. To further ensure identification of the relevant sociopsychological insights and the creation of meaningful connection with desired target groups, he undertook a four-year apprenticeship under Dr. Jørn Beckmann, Professor Emeritus in Psychology at New York University.

In 2010, Peter J. Haugstrup became Senior Director of Insights International A/S where he was a leading part of creating, testing and integrating an unprecedented world-wide brand strategy for The Absolut Vodka Brand of Pernod-Ricard. Further, he advised (Scandinavian, European, or world-strategies): Arla Foods (Future Creations Department), Motorola, The Maersk Group, GE Capital Bank, Danisco, Joe & the Juice, Kopenhagen Fur, Aqua d’or, Gordon’s Gin, Unilever, Coca–Cola Europe, CPH Airport, Wyborowa, Luksusova, and Fris vodka (Brands of Pernod-Ricard).

Four years later, Peter J. Haugstrup founded NCBD in Mexico City and Copenhagen where he continues his management consultancy activity in strategic business and brand development to leading brand owners. From 2016 to 2017, he also served as Vice President of the Nordic Chamber of Commerce in Mexico representing Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Peter J. Haugstrup holds a Master of International Law from the University of Copenhagen with the equivalent of summa cum laude in Modern International Law. Furthermore, he published his first novel Sagens Natur in Denmark in 2011.

Morten Windelev

Partner and Head of Brand Identity

Morten Windelev is the Head of Visual Identity at NCBD and the founder of Re‑public, a boutique agency specialized in visual identity. Morten has advised leading brand owners in, among others, Mexico, Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong and China.

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In addition to being Head of of NCBD Brand Identity, Morten Windelev is the founder of Re-public, a boutique agency specialized in Brand Identity. For over 18 years, Re-Public has created design solutions in all sectors for well over one hundred clients, including:

  • Maersk; the world’s leading shipping company
  • QVARTZ; the leading Nordic management consulting company
  • RIóN M&A; Mexico’s leading mid-market investment bank
  • DBA; Denmark’s largest classifieds site owned by eBay
  • Kopenhagen Fur; the world’s largest auction house of fur skins and the leading center for the global fur industry

Morten Windelev and our design team have won more than 80 design awards from around the world, i.e.:

  • Red Dot Grand Prix in the category Corporate Identity
  • Red Dot Best of the Best awards in the category Corporate Identity
  • Red Dot Awards Best of the Best in the category Editorial Design
  • Red Dot awards for Corporate Identity and Brand Identity
  • German Design Award for Editorial Design
  • German Design Award for Corporate Identities 5 years in a row
  • Creative Circle’s Design Agency of the Year in Denmark, as well as several gold and bronze prices in Identity Design and Editorial Design

Our design has been published in numerous design publications throughout the world.

Martin Kongstad

Partner and Head of Communication

Martin Kongstad creates the experience of the company’s culture, its products and brands to employees and all external target groups. He bridges the market, finance legal, IT, marketing, PR, HR and operations – so that consistency of experience and communication is ensured.

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Martin Kongstad integrates the communication strategy; ensuring that all strategic and tactical efforts reinforce our client’s business objectives. His approach facilitates that the communication strategy actively contributes to business decisions and further content development across the entire organization and external target groups.

Martin Kongstad’s multidisciplinary expertise springs from three decades in media, art and business.

From the worlds of Arts and Journalism, Martin Kongstad brings expertise in driving people-centered communication strategies.
He began as a journalist for the most prestigious Danish magazines and newspapers and served as a correspondent in London; being awarded numerous prizes in journalism. Following, he went into fiction and wrote highly acclaimed theatre plays.
In 2009, his first novel was awarded Best First Novel of the Year in Denmark.
His second novel Am I Cold was published in the UK in 2015.

He also worked eight years as Senior Creative of branding at Wibroe, Duckert & Partners, Denmark’s leading ad agency. His clients included Tuborg, the country’s largest brewery; Totalkredit, the credit company; the telecommunications company Sonofon; and Toms, the country’s largest sweet company. Among his numerous awards are three Best Commercial Movie prizes; the yearly prize for Best Lifestyle Television, and the prize for Media of the Year.

Martin Kongstad hosts his own food program on national Danish Radio and his third novel is to be published fall 2018.



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